b. Cook county, Chicago IL. 1960

Self taught
1990-1998  Life drawing/figure study  Garberville CA 
1978  American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL. Figure Drawing, briefly.
Select Solo Exhibitions

2019   Paintings for Siren Song, old town, Eureka, CA
2018   More Gatos! Eureka Utility Box Art, Adorni Center, Eureka CA
2018   Let's have a Garden! Utility Box Art, Eureka CA
2018   Cats Cats Cats, Main Street Gallery, Weaverville CA 
2018   Cat Art, Humboldt Bay Coffee Roasters, Eureka CA 
2016   Cat Show, Ramone's Cafe and Bakery, Harrison Ave. Eureka CA
2015    Myo͞oziNG, Umpqua Bank, Upstairs Gallery, Arcata CA
2015    Oil and Mixed Media,  Siren's Song Tavern, old town, Eureka CA
2014    Free-Range Figmentum, Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, Eureka CA
2013    Friends and Neighbors, Upstairs Gallery in Umpqua Bank, Arcata CA
2012    Around Town, Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, Eureka CA
2011    A World of Paint, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA
2011    Recent Paintings, Café Brio, Arcata CA 
2010    My Summer Vacation, World Cup Coffee, Eureka, CA 
2008    Brushes Brilliant, Olarg Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2008    New Paintings, Accident Gallery, Eureka CA 
2007    Alla Prima, Highland Art Center, Weaverville CA 
2006    The Portrait, Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2004    Cat People, Flying Tiki Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2000    Strange Scenes, Consider the Alternatives Gallery, Eureka, CA 
1999   Odds and Ends, Gallery Dog, Eureka, CA 
1992   The West is Best, Mateel Arts-Co-op, Garberville, CA 

2009-2013  Board Member, Redwood Art Association, Eureka, CA 

Select Group Exhibitions

2019   Cameo Cat, for Purradise City and CatCon Worldwide, Pasadena CA
2019   Cat Crossing, Second Street Women 
            mural for Mendenhall Studios, Eureka CA
2019   All Things Spring, Upstairs Gallery, Umpqua bank Arcata CA
2018   Eureka Mural FestivalEureka CA
2018    Trinidad Landscape, Trinidad, CA
2018   Cat Art Show LA 3, The Sequel returns Again! Thank Tank Gallery LA
2018   The Light House Exhibit, Trinidad CA
2017   Sedona Plein Air Festival, Sedona Arizona
2016  Celebration of the Landscape invitational Sedona Arizona
2016   Cats in the Hall 208 C street studios and hall gallery, Eureka CA
2016   Celebration of Landscape Painting, Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Arizona
2016   Plein Air Passage one year of plein air painting across the country with Stock and Rachel Schlueter
2016   Cat Art Show LA, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles CA
2016   St Catty's Day Feline Art Festival, Fringe Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles CA
2016   Face Time, The Hall Gallery, Eureka CA
2016   RAA Annual Spring Exhibit, Eureka CA
2016   RAA 60th Anniversary Exhibit, Redwoods Arts Association, Eureka CA 
2015   Return of the Light, Umpqua Bank, Upstairs Gallery, Arcata CA
2015   It's Scary, Redwood Art Association, Eureka CA
2015   Monsterpiece Theater, Siren's Song Tavern, Eureka CA
2015   Alley Cat Caberet and Purrlesque, Arcata Theater Lounge, Arcata CA
2015   Humboldt's Finest, Highlight Gallery, Mendocino CA
2015   Favorite Piece, Renatas's Creperie, Arcata CA
2015   Art in The Garden,  Ingomar Club, Eureka CA
2015    HumCats, Fundraiser for Humboldt Spay and Nueter Network Eureka Ca
2015    CatCon, Los Angeles CA
2015    Mystical DragonsBrenda Tuxford Gallery, Eureka CA
2015    Humboldt to 29 Palms, Eureka Studio Arts, Eureka CA
2015    57th Spring Exhibition, Redwoods Art Association, Eureka CA
2015    5th Anniversary JKPP Exhibit, San Fransisco CA 
2015    Holiday Invitational, First street Gallery Eureka CA
2015    Holiday Retrospective, Micki Moves, Real Estate, Eureka CA
2014    Women's Work,  Eureka Arcata Airport, Arcata, CA  
2014    CATOWN Cafe, invitational, Oakland CA   
2014    HumCats, a cat art show Event,  Eureka CA
2014    Cat Art Show LA, 6205 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA
2014    Immerge, A collaborative art exhibit featuring the work of 11 women artists, Arcata CA
2013    First Anniversary Invitational, Eureka Studio Arts, 526 5th Eureka CA 
2012    The Molly Show 208 C Street Studios and Hall Gallery
2012    Palettes and Paws Humboldt Arts Council, Eureka, CA 
2012    Tigers for Panthera, C St. Hall Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2011    Holiday Invitational, First St. Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2011    Dia de Los Muertos, invitational, C St. Hall Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2011    Humboldt Travelers, Gualala Art Center, Gualala, CA 
2010    Plein Air en Mexico, Xaltemba Gallery, La Penita, Mexico
2010    Art in the Garden Invitational, Redwood Art Association, Eureka CA 
2009    By Hand and by Machine, Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2009    Night of 1000 Drawings, New York, NY 
2009    En Plein Air Sonoma, Fairmont Gallery, Sonoma, CA 
2009    Beaux Zoos, First Street Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2009    Art in the Garden Invitational, Redwoods Art Association, Eureka, CA 
2009    Accident Gallery at Umpqua Bank, Meridian Fine Art, Arcata, CA 
2008    Summer Group, Meridian Fine Art, Arcata, CA 
2008    The Man Show  C St. Hall Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2008    Art in Motion Humboldt Arts Council, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA 
2008    Women Art and Wine, Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA 
2007    Valentines, The Art of Wine, Eureka, CA 
2007    Juried Exhibition, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA 
2007    Christmas Invitational, First Street Gallery, Arcata, CA 
2007    Extreme Plein Air Paintings from Yosemite, Cody-Pettit Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2006    All Blue, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA 
2006    Arcata Marsh en Plein Air, Arcata Marsh Cultural Center, Arcata, CA 
2006    Yosemite En Plein Air, Cody-Petitt Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2006    Self-Portrait Invitational, Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2006    Rumble in the Humboldt, Accident Gallery vs. Empire Square Assault Team, Eureka, CA 
2005    Revelatum Miniatura, Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2005    Self-Portrait Invitational, Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2004    Grand Opening Invitational, Cody-Pettit, Eureka, CA 
2004    Legends, C St. Hall Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2003    Small Works Invitational, Gallery Dog, Eureka, CA 
2003    Plein Air on the Trinity, Caravan of Dreams, Arcata, CA 
2003    Holy Cats!, Garden Gate, Arcata, CA 
2002    Ornamental, Objix Gallery, Eureka, CA 
2002    Scenes from Humboldt Bay, Gallery Dog, Eureka, CA 
2002    Traveling Circus, Gallery Dog, Eureka, CA 
2001    Spring Invitational, Mateel Arts Co-op, Garberville, CA 
2001    Black Velvet, 321 Coffee, Eureka, CA 
2000    Millennium Invitational, Gallery Dog, Eureka, CA 
1964   Head-start children's group exhibit, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Ill.

Grants, Residencies and Awards

2016  Award of Recognition, RAA -Juror, Mimi LaPlant
2015 Grant for Women Artists, The Ingrid Nickelsen Trust 
2015  Residency, Hayes Adobe, 29 Palms CA
2012  Residency, Morris Graves Foundation, Loleta CA 
2010  Residency, Xaltemba Gallería, La Penita México 
2009  Recognition Award, Redwood Art Association Annual Fall Exhibition, Eureka, CA 
2008  Grant for Women Artists, The Ingrid Nickelsen Trust 
2008  Recognition Award, Humboldt Arts Council Annual Member Exhibition 
2006  Best of Representational, Redwoods Art Association, Annual Summer Exhibition 

Gallery Representation

2015-2017  Black Faun Gallery, Eureka CA
2015-2017  Highlight Gallery Mendocino CA
2014-2017  Strawberry Rock Gallery, Trinidad CA
2013-2015  Eureka Studio Arts 526 5th ST. Eureka, CA 
2011-2014  Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, Eureka, CA 
2005-2010  Accident Gallery 208 C street, Eureka CA
1997-2000  Gallery Dog, Eureka CA

Special Projects and Publication see press page

2018 Cover art, North Coast Open Studios
2017 Label for Humboldt Bay Coffee rosters
2017  Cats in the Hall  fundraiser for cats and artists
2016  Plein Air Passage one year of plein air painting across the country with Stock Schlueter
2014  Cat Channel on Cat Art Show LA by Anastasia Thrift
2014-2015   Director co-founder, HumCats, Event Fundraiser, Humboldt Spay and Neuter Network
2013-2015  Oil paint and Mixed Media Direction with Rachel K Schlueter, Eureka Studio Arts, Eureka
2011-2015  Curator for Art for the Airport, Arcata Airport, Mckinleyville, CA 
2011   Lecture, A World of Paint, for Humboldt Arts Council Docents 
009-2013  Board Member, Redwood Art Association, Eureka, CA  
2009-2016  Contributing Author, posting weekly: Lost Coast Daily Painters 
2004   Illustration  Purrhaps the Very Curious Cat by Charles Pappas 
2004   Illustration  The Tree that Loved the Eagle by Charles Pappas, Oracle Press, Berkeley, CA 
2004-2007  Illustration, Poster design, Humboldt Hoedown, Garberville, CA 
2000   Illustration Infinite Tarot, Humboldt County, distributed by Book People USA 
1999  Stage Set Y Worry Café, original musical comedy, Briceland Learning Center, Garberville,   CA 
1991  Co-Founder, Mateel Arts Co-Op, Garberville, CA 
2005-2016  Curator for 208 C Street Studios and Hall Gallery 
2004-2016  Membership, Humboldt Arts Council, Eureka, CA Artwork 


2014  Cat Channel on Cat Art Show LA by Anastasia Thrift2011   The North Coast Journal, 2pg. interview with Richard Evans A World of Paint
2008   HSU Lumberjack, Arcata, CA Solo Exhibit Accident Gallery, Eureka CA
2008   Artwaves by Wendy Butler, KHSU, Arcata, CA