Thursday, July 4, 2019

My dream is beautiful...

Acrylic on mbc board 12x8’
What a gift to work large. After being invited to do a large painting for a huge outdoor wall in old town Eureka with a group of women artists who are also my close friends, we were gifted a giant studio space because the previous tenants left. Timing is everything. The space is ours for one month, that’s just enough time to complete our project. The owner of the studio space would love us to stay indefinitely but, it’s very expensive. We all want the space which enables us to work really big. The current mural project could lead to more offers to do large works. To compete in this kind of market we need a space large enough to do all that large scale painting  requires. So now we’re trying to figure out how to raise money to fund our new potential future as large scale painters. We may set up a Patreon page which is a crowd funding platform for art projects! We have to figure this out, fast!

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