Monday, September 2, 2019

Rachel with "Paws for Love"

8x12" acrylic on MDO

Summer has sped by creating enormous change! Artists and the city of Eureka have successfully completed another summer Street Art Fest  and we have tons more mural art! 
Also, during the month of July, I teamed up with my friends and fellow artists, Linda Mitchell, Kathy O'Leary and Joan Dunning to create an outdoor gallery space at Mendenhall Studios. The project was directed by Kathleen Krauss. Each painting is 8x12', mine is titled: "Paws for Love" they all hang as a permanent installation on 2nd and C, in old town, Eureka. 
The really big news is I've moved my studio across the street to the newly established Mendenhall Studios at 215 C. In Studio D2the vision is large and the industrial studio space enormous. It's truly what any hard working artist would dream of, complete with tons of storage space! 
Studio D2 is ideal for workshops, events and exhibits. Industrial advantage grants permission to get down and dirty with expansive over the top art projects. Walls measure roughly 60' in length and 16' high. Four large skylights provide excellent natural lighting. Two giant rollup doors open onto the court compound and other studios. 
One whole wall has been designated a guest wall and painted a dark rich gray for Arts Alive events. September Arts Alive is my official opening with Linda Mitchell's lavish dancers series,guaranteed to take your breath away! We hope to see you! Coming soon a Studio D2 FB page! 

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